Student's Workshop

Urban Imaginaries


November 2021 - Januar 2022



Conceived by CPB co-curators Kerstin Meincke and Bhooma Padmanabhan.

The international workshop “Urban Imaginaries” brings together students from Indian and German Universities who are studying architecture, art history / education or photography. Accompanied by the curatorial team, and members of the respective academic staff, and in conversation with renowned scholars and artists, some of whom are participating in CPB 3, the students will explore the topic of “urban imaginaries” – one of the key topics of CPB III: Maps of Disquiet - through close readings of exemplarily architectural manifestations, both in India and in Germany.

For this purpose, they will explore the idea of mapping beyond its practical purpose, to allow researchers to think about it as part of a larger discourse that addresses questions of representation, equity and the idea of counter-mapping. Apart from examining the wider context, the workshop participants will develop a close reading of an exemplary building or building complex that they find in their environment, using different media and forms of documentation / analysis (artistic and / or theoretical).

Besides approaching new topics and methods, the students will explore transcultural avenues of thought through the experience of international working groups. The results will be put together to form an "associative map" of urban imaginaries that entangles the Chennai region and the Ruhr Area. Selected guests who are participating in the workshop (Katja Stuke, Oliver Sieber, Yuvan Aves) will assist to bring this associative map into a form to be published on our biennale website.

The organisers provide a reader for all participants (on GoogleDrive link below), which will include articles, artists projects, and other resources that would be useful for the students to develop ideas for their research. Parts of the programming are open for the public.

Participating universities and academic supervisors:

Anna University, Chennai, India: School of Architecture and Planning
(supervised by Dr. Kiranmayi Raparthi and Prof. Naveen)

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany: Institute for Art and Art History
(supervised by CPB co-curator Kerstin Meincke and Prof. Dr. Gabriele Genge)

Folkwang University of Arts, Essen, Germany: Photography Department
(supervised by Prof. Elke Seeger)